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A Least Cost Router is a GSM device (like a cell phone) which is connected to a line port on the telephone system. The Least Cost Routing option on the telephone system is activated and now all calls made from any extension are rerouted to the device which transfers it directly to the cellular/other network, thereby bypassing the landline connection.

Why use a Least Cost Router?

It is expensive to call a cell phone from a landline. Cellular Least Cost Routing allows companies to save money by turning all landline-to-cell phone calls into cell phone-to-cell phone calls, thus benefiting from much less expensive call rates and per-second billing offered by the different networks. All of this is done transparently so that no impact, other than reduced call costs, are noticed by the client.

What are the benefits to use a gsm least cost router?

  • Call savings
  • Free cellular routers
  • Free maintenance (once off installation cost of R400.00).
  • Free e-mail itemised billing
  • Free monitoring
  • Per second billing
  • No subscriptions, pay as you use.
  • Protection from Mobile Number Portability
  • Monthly Savings Graph and Billing Analysis Report
  • Detailed itemized bill sent via email

Why use least cost routers and not the new VoIP (Voice over IP) technology to route calls?

Given the current state of bandwidth and cost in certain areas in South Africa, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology does not always achieve the voice quality and savings we believe is required from a commercial product.


Route all local, national and cell calls  through the gsm router.

No upfront hardware costs

No dedicated Telkom diginet or adsl lines required to route the voice calls..

Free maintenance

Proven technology.

Phone out even when Telkom lines are down

Save up to 40% on outbound calls.