Scalability - Build on your Investment

Worried that you may outgrow XN120? - NEC have ensured that as you grow nothing is wasted.

XN120 solutions are scalable. Start small and expand your phone system when you
want to.

Unlike most competitive systems XN120 does not force you to throw away your existing main cabinets when you grow to 20-30 extensions. Just add another XN120 Cabinet and keep growing. Start as small as three exchange lines and eight extensions.

With additional interface cards and cabinets you can grow to 27 exchange lines and 72 extensions. If you wish to add IP extensions then XN120 can support up to 96 extensions.

XN 120 Summary

The basic system is initially equipped for three analogue exchange lines and eight extensions. With the simple addition
of cards, it can provide capacity for 9 analogue lines (or up to 18 ISDN channels) and 24 extensions. When your business
grows even can add xpansion cabinets to grow to a maximum of 72 extensions and 27 lines.