Tenovis functional DECT mobility for added flexibility in business

The D3 mobile DECT handset
The use of digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) yields significant advantages for every company, regardless of its size. Tenovis supplies individual complete solutions for small, medium-sized and large companies. These solutions comprise not only the equipment and communications system as such, but also the planning and installation of the radio network necessary to obtain wide-area coverage. Digital technology adds a completely new quality to mobile telephony: for the first time ever, calls can be made and taken on the go as conveniently and professionally as you would expect in the business world. And it protects you from eavesdroppers. Moreover, the features and services hitherto reserved for deluxe conventional desktop telephones now fit into every pocket. This mobility is at your disposal with the DECT components described here and our Integral telecommunications systems.

And the D3 mobile is GAP-compatible.
The handset can also be logged into other DECTsystems with GAP functionality. GAP provides the local functions of the handset and basic telephone functions in this case. Deluxe features are normally not supported.

The D3 mobile has been specially developed for professional and reliable use in Integral DECT systems operated in office and industrial environments. The unit's type of protection complies with IP 54. In addition to the deluxe features of the telecommunications system, the D3 mobile also includes its own functions, such as a local telephone directory with up to 250 entries, acoustic signalling,Vibra battery (the various types of signalling can also be combined with one another) and user prompts in eleven languages. The integrated handsfree unit offers maximum convenience. All features of the telecommunications system can also be used. The large 4-line illuminated graphic display shows all functions in plain text, making the D3 mobile particularly user-friendly.